Sunday, October 26, 2008

yah..XXX rated...BUKAN XoXo!

ahaha..yah farah..kau dah sbln lbh di london...mek org 3 tek..di kch je....dah nangga dah Konex omputeh live gik yaaaa...dgn bangga gik omputeh ya ngeso..ney ndak alu terngangak mek org 3!..pasya tek...agak dkt2 kereta..senyum..melambei tgn dgn azie..ahaha.....ngut ngut.....kau bila lagi?:P

**aaha..sorry...technical perobelem...

sayang..please stay

Sound straight from the twilight
Has me up all night
I can't fall asleep 'cause I keep thinking of you
And I saw a shadow outside my window and it's you.

All my sorrows flew away
Hush, keep quiet, hear me say
I don't ever want you to go
Please stay
With the moonlight dancing free
And there's no one but you and me
There's no reason to go astray
Please stay.

Making up a story
It's the way you're looking at me
If you think that this is funny, it's just you.
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Try and think about it,
If you're heart is closed don't lock it,
Keep your keys back in your pocket,
Think this through.


Please stay with me
Just stay with me
and I will take you to Foreverland
Just stay

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

wah.its been a while

huhu..its been a while la i left this final is just around the corner....this cuming 30th Oct...o Ma God....until this moment..i still dunno what did i learnd in d class..ergh...dun wanna fail my paper...i wan Dean's List..uwaa..pleaseeee...haha..

ngarut..pegi la s2dy owh....on9 24/7 boleh..stdy 1 jam x leh?aparaaa..ahaha...saja jak ngereco..boring..tensen..tomorrow is going to be my presentation..haha..slide so simple....4 slides....but..aduh...10 minutes...ahaha...mengarut jak la esokk..yezza...MRP EXPLOSION..BADABOOOMMMMMMMMM